Hello 👋, my name is Nelson and I'm a software and database developer currently living in the Falkland Islands.

Full Stack Software Developer.

I arrived in the Falkland Islands in November 2013 and have worked in a number of roles, primarily as a developer for a local company working mainly in government software infrastructure. In August 2018 I went to Bogota, Colombia to specialise in web application development using a popular framework called Ruby on Rails. Currently I work as a Customs and Immigration Officer for the Falkland Islands Government and I'm working towards a university degree. I'm always happy to help with new software implementations or to improve current infrastructure.


Currently I'm focused mainly in developing web applications using Rails and StimulusReflex but I'm capable of developing for desktop environments on Windows, Mac and Linux.

HTML 60%
CSS 60%
JavaScript 75%
Ruby 80%
Rails 90%
C#/.NET 70%


I've worked in a diverse number of roles and industries since my teens, during these years I've tried to understand and improve the way I work with the use of technologies. Below are some of my most relevant experiences in recent years.


Nelson Hernandez Casanova

I'm constantly learning and relearning in order to produce better software products to enhance the way we work and interact with each other. Contact me if you're tired of working with outdated software and rely on ancient technology.


Ruby on Rails Bootcamp


Bogota Bootcamp - Bogota, Colombia

Full-Stack web development bootcamp with Ruby on Rails. Immersive 10-week learning experience with the best web development bootcamp in Latin America.

Bachelor of Science - Computing


Arden University - Coventry, UK

I'm currently working towards a BSc degree with Arden University in the UK. I expect to finish in late 2021 and be able to expand my professional portfolio with this knowledge.

C# and .NET training


EFTEC - Santiago, Chile

80-hour personalised training course in Microsoft's .NET framework for building applications using desktop technologies and SQL Server.

Professional Experience

Desktop Software Development

2014 - 2018

Stanley, Falkland Islands

  • VB.NET and C# code refactoring.
  • Database development (SQL Server) and normalisation including ORM refactoring.
  • Project management and implementation of new software applications.
  • Hardware interfacing for diverse biometric equipment.

Website implementation & Software development

2008 - 2013

Proventa, Punta Arenas, Chile

  • Website and web application implementation using Wordpress, Joomla!, Drupal and custom content management systems.
  • Desktop application development for Windows operative systems.


Below are some of the most recent projects I've worked. You can find most of them over at my Github

  • All
  • App

Semantic Rails Forum


Sure Usage Monitor


Minimal Blog Engine


Customs Vessel Clearance POC



While I've decided to invest most of my time to develop for the cloud using web technologies I have also worked with other technology stacks and can help in other ways if your project needs it.

Web Apps

Full-stack web application development using modern technologies and practices.

Desktop Apps

Cross-platform desktop software for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

Database Development

Relational database implementation, migration and normalisation.

API Implementation

RESTful JSON APIs with Rails for new and existing apps.

Hardware Interfacing

Software development for interacting with hardware devices like biometric scanners and readers.



Stanley, Falkland Islands


(500) 55733

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